I wish you all a…

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Yes. It’s a cat.

  All the white and wonderful snow has now melted away, just in time for christmas. What will santa do about this? Huh. No snow also means total blackout if you live where I live. Oh sure, some light will be available a few hours of the day but then you have to work and […]

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Looking through.

  This is one of many photos from me where I go from being a photographer to being an artist. Or at least trying to be. That is why I really can’t explain what this is supposed to tell or show you. But that is not always bad. Beauty is in the eyes of the […]

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  Gällstad. There’s more than Lager 157 (outlet) in this village. But not much I have to add. Still it is a nice place to live. This photo is from the square of the village. Some snow but the winter is not here for real yet.   The christmas tree is really nice this year, […]

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One small step for ma…eh, me.

I have been dreaming of getting another camera and finally I got one. I’m now shooting with the Canon EOS 5D instead of the 1000D I’ve been using for a while. What a difference! Speaking of difference, please make sure you don’t miss out on one of these calendars! It’s almost to easy to win […]

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One from the road. Again.

This is shot from inside the car going to the basketball game I talked about in the previous post. It’s somewhere between heaven and hell, in other words between Falköping and Skövde for those of you who are familiar with Swedish geography (unlike me who slept during those classes in school).

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Borås Basket vs eco Örebro.

We went to Örebro the other day to help our team, Borås Basket, win against eco Örebro. A short trip, just about seven hours in the car in total. But the win made it worth it. I think we might have been about five people cheering for Borås so it was really nice to score […]

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