First snowstorm of the season.

It might not look like much of a snowstorm but i really was last night. Perhaps the poor quality of the photo can give a hint. Most of it has melted away today even if it’s still snowing a little bit. Tonight we were supposed to hang with the good people in Nittorp but my […]

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Road of winter.

Winter is finally here for real. First snow of the season. It turns the dull and boring landscape into a magic place in an instant. I only had my iPhone with me going to work this morning to this will have to do. It looked really nice and I hope this shows at least some […]

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Advent star.

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The rice cake experiment

For more photos and perhaps a recipe, please visit!

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Undercover owl.

I’m finally feeling better. This has been the worst cold ever. No joke. I want to shoot more but it’s winter here in Sweden and this means we get like 4 minutes of daylight so please have patience. It will get a bit better when the snow gets here, it helps a lot with the […]

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More from the archives.


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Due to stormy weathers and a bad cold there are no new photos to share. This old one will have to do. Shot at the bridge to Öland, Sweden. I hope I’ll feel better soon and our roof will still be over our heads tomorrow.

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