Örebro revisited.

  We went to Örebro once again last week to see Borås Basket score a nice win. They had us worried at the end of the game but we went home happy.  Just one more game before the playoffs, will we be there? I think so.   There were only about 300 people at the […]

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360 wildcat shifty. With a McTwist.

  It seems like I’m always at work when there is good light to shoot some photos. This is about to change since the days are getting longer as spring is approaching, it is still some light left when I get home around five. Nice.  Spring seems far away when it’s -15 deg celsius outside […]

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Södertälje Kings vs Borås Basket.

                  It felt good during the warm up but Södertälje Kings won the game. They (and the referees I think) put our team behind bars from the start. We’ll get them the next time for sure. The 350 kilometer drive home would have felt better if we’d […]

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Win a calendar for a cause.

You can win a calendar for a cause at my wife’s blog, please visit her and participate. All you have to do is post a comment and provide a valid e-mail address at her blog. This is what she writes (translated by me and google translate) on her blog:   One calendar. 12 months. 12 […]

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One from the road. Again.

This is shot from inside the car going to the basketball game I talked about in the previous post. It’s somewhere between heaven and hell, in other words between Falköping and Skövde for those of you who are familiar with Swedish geography (unlike me who slept during those classes in school).

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Borås Basket vs eco Örebro.

We went to Örebro the other day to help our team, Borås Basket, win against eco Örebro. A short trip, just about seven hours in the car in total. But the win made it worth it. I think we might have been about five people cheering for Borås so it was really nice to score […]

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