It’s raining cats and dogs.

  It has not been raining every day this last week. Wiiii! It has on the other hand been a few degerees below zero instead. I’m not sure of what I prefer but I do know that I’m really fed up with all the rain…

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My name is Sturz. Sture Sturz.

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360 wildcat shifty. With a McTwist.

  It seems like I’m always at work when there is good light to shoot some photos. This is about to change since the days are getting longer as spring is approaching, it is still some light left when I get home around five. Nice.  Spring seems far away when it’s -15 deg celsius outside […]

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I got an idea of letting go of the polaroid style. This is a test so that I at least can get it out of my head. If I get an idea I have to try it, I can’t just let it go. It’s often good but not always. What do you think, skip the […]

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Sunday Solveig.

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Slippery when cat.

This is what happens when the cat does not want to strike any more poses for the camera.

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A light me up moment.

Kjell the cat once again. This time in the spotlight.

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