For the wall

  We needed something new to hang on a wall. It won’t be these two but since I liked them I wanted to share some of todays project.


      Spring is here and so are the snowdrops. The sun shines above the heavy clouds somewhere. I love this.

Behind every flower.

  Since my back is not really improving I have to keep my self busy with something else than just resting.  This is what happens then.   We are expecting yet another storm tonight and I can hear the wind gearing up, I hope we get to keep the house and roof intact as well […]

Shooting flowers.

  My back is not feeling well today. I’ve had problems with it before so I know what I have to do, rest and strech. While not resting or streching I am able to do photoshop some. Hope you like it!   Also visit my wife´s blog for more photos like this (mostly better). <3


The two.

This is no Mona Lisa but pretty darn near I think. Sure, I won’t get like a million bucks if anyone would want to buy this photo but otherwise it’s close? No, of course not. Mona Lisa is still one of a kind.    

Lights will guide you home.

When you are lost in the darkness, let my lights guide you home. Let me be your lighthouse, the harbour where you seek shelter.


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