Catman returns.

  Fooling around, killing time before tonights basketball game in Borås. I hope Borås Basket can defeat Eco Örebro and advance to 17-0 for the season. Amazing, no losses yet. The current record (in modern time) is 18 wins in a row, held by Södertälje Kings. Would be really fun to beat that, the irony […]

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Solna Vikings – Borås Basket

  We like basketball. We like Borås Basket.   That’s why we do these crazy roadtrips like yesterday, all the way to Stockholm and back. Some say that the journey is the goal. I’m not so sure but as long as “we” get the win. Since I already spend countless hours in the car just […]

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A Wife. My wife.

    These photos are not what the plan was, but some of them turned out really nice anyway. We both tend to shoot better ones when no planning was made before taking off the lens cap. Strange but true.   So, what’s up this week? Besides working we’re going to Nässjö tonight hoping Borås […]

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  Added a few instagrams from the past month, I have still to download photos from the real camera. Perhaps I’ll do it this weekend?

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Win tickets!

  I don’t really know if and how many readers I have from the Borås area (Sweden)? But if by any chance you are out there, don’t miss this opportunity to win two tickets to the first quarter finals between Borås Basket and Uppsala Basket next week. Visit my wife’s blog for your chance to […]

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Örebro revisited.

  We went to Örebro once again last week to see Borås Basket score a nice win. They had us worried at the end of the game but we went home happy.  Just one more game before the playoffs, will we be there? I think so.   There were only about 300 people at the […]

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Seat 21.

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