Sometimes it’s good just to find a good spot and do nothing. This is well known. Just do it, aaaaiiight?

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I’m thinking black and white friday?

I think I’m going to have a black and white friday tomorrow. We’ll see if I remember to bring the camera and only shoot monochrome. Sounds like fun right now anyhow.  

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Midsummer part two.

  Some more shots from midsummer’s eve. Oh, sure there were colors but these represent what the weather looked like.  

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The dead priest.

The most scary dead priest we’ve seen alive. The living dead walking around once a year at the ghost house on Öland in Sweden.

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Sweet summer, one.

Just a few shots from this summer. My vacation is coming up in two days so I hope for nice weather and a better back, it’s been hurting a bit since I went out fishing last week. Yeah, I know – old men should sit still. I’ll never learn. Did you know, when we swedes […]

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Summer memories.

There is nothing like good summer memories. Even if they are in black and white. I have no need for winter and snow. At all.

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