Hur många kladdkakor finns det i världen? Omöjligt att ens gissa men jag vet att den här inte finns längre. Får vara nöjd med det!   Funderar på att börja skriva på engelska igen, velar lite på den punkten. Har nog fler utländska läsare än svenska så det känns vettigt. Möjligen blir det en […]

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Mini-Elsa webshop!

I have been suffering from lumbago (back problem) this past week. I’m better due to hard work and quite a bit of pain I might add, I still have some problems sitting down on chairs and in the car but I’m hopeful and will continue with the “training”. Lumbago is basically a lockup of the […]

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Honey & marshmallow ice cream!

  I have just had a small spoon of this so far, going all in tonight I think. Sweet honey and marshmallow ice cream. Recipe at helenaljunggren.com as always.

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Panpizza de lux.

  I bet you are quite impressed and think, did he do that all on his own? Yeeeeeea…NO. I’m married to a masterchef. Panpizza de lux, home made. I you haven’t tried it yet, please do. Damn, this was good. I think you can find the recipe here as always.

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Food photography.

    Since my wife is running a food blog I’m trying to learn from her, I don’t know how she does it but somedays I’m trying to copycat. With various success I might add.

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Cake photography.

After making our own “cutting boards” (mostly to be used when taking photos of the food, not so much for cutting stuff) I had to take some photos to see if it works, I think it does! Please visit www.helenaljunggren.com for recipes.  

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Anyone for english?

I’ve been switching back and forth about blogging in swedish or english. I think I have finally made up my mind, as you can see the descision is to blog in english. The main reason for this is that I belive most of my visitors/readers do not understand swedish. It’s really a simple choice then. […]

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