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Make your own pasta.

  It’s not that hard to make your own pasta. At least not for me who is just standing by with my camera. My problems with the back (the lumbago-shit) gets better each day at least, hopefully I’ll be able to shoot more and give you longer posts soon. But for now, this will have […]

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Garden work by my wife.

  Due to the problems with my back that I mentioned in a previous post I have not been able to do much else than talking short and slow walks around the house, today I decided to let the camera join me while my wife was fixing the garden. Tomorrow I’ll make an appointment with […]

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  Added a few instagrams from the past month, I have still to download photos from the real camera. Perhaps I’ll do it this weekend?

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Hidden horse.

  Even though we went on o long roadtrip yesterday I didn’t use my camera all day, perhaps one needs to step out of the vehicle to get some photos? Anyway, we did get to see Borås Basket play (maybe we’ll buy a season ticket instead of gas next year, same price as the trip yesterday […]

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Random captures.

              Just some random captures from the past days. I’m now charging the batteries so hopefully there will be more photos during the week. Beware.

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Looking back.

Looking back at summers in the past now that we are facing yet another cold and dark winter. But it will be sunny, warm and nice again soon. I have to remember that.

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