Is it friday yet?

  What do you mean it’s not friday yet?  

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  Sometimes it’s good just to find a good spot and do nothing. This is well known. Just do it, aaaaiiight?

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Tre gringos.

  Våra tre gringos. Solveig, Sture och Kjell. Det finns mycket att säga om dessa tre men låter bli. Känner man till hur dom är talar bilderna för sig själva.   Ha en riktigt fin fortsättning på lördagen!    

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For the wall

  We needed something new to hang on a wall. It won’t be these two but since I liked them I wanted to share some of todays project.

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A blog post.

  Went fishing with the camera and fisheye lens. This is what I got.

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Afternoon nap.

  I wish I could take a nap whenever I need one.

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Please share?

  That looks so yummy, would you please share so I can taste it? Pliiiiiiiis?    

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