And then some.

  Just two days after the storm called “Sven” we got more snow. Thanks. Thank you. Have I told you that I don’t like snow and winter very much? Worst part is, this is just the beginning. Four more months of this crap before spring. Alright, enough crying about that. Not much I can do […]

Proof of winter.

As promised, here is a photo to prove it’s winter again. Taken with a Canon Ixus 310 HS, a small camera that fits in any pocket. The 5D does not unfortunately. Anyhow, this will have to do.

Cold morning.

Trying to get well.

I’ve been having a cold for a few days I my wife tried to help me get well by serving me some lunch outside, the forrest is right outside our house. I’m not sure it helped much but at least it gave me some fresh air and some food in her company – always nice! […]

The ending winter.

  I think the winter might be over now. Perhaps there will be a day or two when it might fall some snow but it won’t stick. It’s a wonderful and sunny day today, a bit cold but who cares? At least there’s no snow left. Finally! This was shot two weeks ago I think.

Hotspot of the day.

  It’s snowing. It’s raining. It’s windy. It’s cold. It’s best to stay indoors and pick a spot near the fireplace.

1st attempt. The bridge.

  I have a picture in my head of what this should look like. This is the first attempt. Less clouds and perhaps a bit warmer outside would be nice when making a second attempt. Shooting in the dark is really fun but also hard and difficult, maybe one day I’ll get all the pieces […]

This and that.

  I’m a bit worried about getting sick, my wife is already having a cold so I guess it’s my turn soon. I’ll have to stop it by eating garlic and drink a few shots of rum. Might help. Might make it worse. Do you have any other ideas on how to escape the cold?


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