It’s raining cats and dogs.

  It has not been raining every day this last week. Wiiii! It has on the other hand been a few degerees below zero instead. I’m not sure of what I prefer but I do know that I’m really fed up with all the rain…

A blog post.

  Went fishing with the camera and fisheye lens. This is what I got.

Afternoon nap.

  I wish I could take a nap whenever I need one.

My name is Sturz. Sture Sturz.

Kjell Von Skräphög.

        Kjell Von Skräphög, she’s been featured here before but she’s so cute that I have to post this anyway. I’m a bit off today but I hope you’ll have a great sunday!


  Waiting to download last weeks photos from the memory card, hopefully there will be something worth keeping. Have been busy with other stuff this weekend, playing “car mechanic” instead of photographer. Not as much fun but sometimes it has to be done, lucky me to have a brother-in-law who knows his way around cars…


Örebro revisited.

  We went to Örebro once again last week to see Borås Basket score a nice win. They had us worried at the end of the game but we went home happy.  Just one more game before the playoffs, will we be there? I think so.   There were only about 300 people at the […]


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