Happy new week!

  Just a quick post to wish you all a nice week! I’ll be back at work tomorrow, that will be very nice. Wohooo! :)   Don’t know what the week will bring, but it seems to be some boring weather ahead with some rain. I have to buy some rain protection for my camera […]

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Spring has not come very far here in Gällstad. Some early flowers has started to blossom and you can see some trees are turning slowly green. But with a couple of sunny and warm days I bet everything will come to life. This is probably the best time of the year.  

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Petra Hallberg.

The job for my wife was to shoot some photos for Petra Hallberg, stylist, florist and garden designer. As the driver and assistant I sometimes get some time to shoot a few photos myself, these are some of them.                                 […]

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Evening in the sun.

        We had a few days of really nice and warm weather a while ago, now the winter has struck back but it won’t be long until it’s gone. Just have to give it a few more days I think. Svea, our rottweiler, enjoyed the warm days and tossed the tyre high […]

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      Spring is here and so are the snowdrops. The sun shines above the heavy clouds somewhere. I love this.

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Flower tower.

  If we want to keep this planet alive we all have to contribute. I don’t think the changes has to be that huge, just do what you can to help!   Why can’t we all just get along, humans, animals and plants? Eat less meat, smile and say hello to a stranger, walk instead […]

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Behind every flower.

  Since my back is not really improving I have to keep my self busy with something else than just resting.  This is what happens then.   We are expecting yet another storm tonight and I can hear the wind gearing up, I hope we get to keep the house and roof intact as well […]

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