Garden work by my wife.

  Due to the problems with my back that I mentioned in a previous post I have not been able to do much else than talking short and slow walks around the house, today I decided to let the camera join me while my wife was fixing the garden. Tomorrow I’ll make an appointment with […]


Spring has not come very far here in Gällstad. Some early flowers has started to blossom and you can see some trees are turning slowly green. But with a couple of sunny and warm days I bet everything will come to life. This is probably the best time of the year.  

Trying to get well.

I’ve been having a cold for a few days I my wife tried to help me get well by serving me some lunch outside, the forrest is right outside our house. I’m not sure it helped much but at least it gave me some fresh air and some food in her company – always nice! […]

April 14.

                Just a mix of photos, it’s been a while since the last post. Shame on me. In my defence I have been buzy working and watching basketball, I hope that Borås Basket will get a win tomorrow against Norrköping Dolphins and then move on the the finals […]


Treble and Grass.

Treble and grass?

Green love. Green peace.

Green love. Green peace. We all need it. Now.   You can buy this photo at, thanks for your support!

Sunday fun.


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