Please share?

  That looks so yummy, would you please share so I can taste it? Pliiiiiiiis?    

Kjell Von Skräphög.

        Kjell Von Skräphög, she’s been featured here before but she’s so cute that I have to post this anyway. I’m a bit off today but I hope you’ll have a great sunday!

On the lookout.

Solveig and Kjell.

  I have updated the polaroid section and renamed it to instaroids, it will be a mix of instagram and polaroid styled photos. Please check it out!

Royal Norweigan laundry guard.

    She’s not guarding the laundry. Trust me. She was guarding those sweet candy bars for me. Thanks!

Random captures.

              Just some random captures from the past days. I’m now charging the batteries so hopefully there will be more photos during the week. Beware.

Yes. It’s a cat.

  All the white and wonderful snow has now melted away, just in time for christmas. What will santa do about this? Huh. No snow also means total blackout if you live where I live. Oh sure, some light will be available a few hours of the day but then you have to work and […]


I got an idea of letting go of the polaroid style. This is a test so that I at least can get it out of my head. If I get an idea I have to try it, I can’t just let it go. It’s often good but not always. What do you think, skip the […]


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