Yo, it’s warm enough now.

  I would not take a swim in that lake but this dog is not a coward. She just jumped in. No fear.

Have you mist the fog?

  Made a quick stop on the way to work this morning and shot these with the iphone, a real camera would probably have been better but it’s a bit of a hassle to drag the 5d along all the time…

By the lake.

Winter is near and nature is not looking it’s best, still a nice time of the year some days but I really miss the summer (even if the last one was more like a hot winter if you know what I mean).  

Cold morning.

By the lake.


A walk on the ice side.

            Just a short walk on the ice with the dogs before the weekend can start for real. It will be a mix of snow and rain here they say so I guess it will be a weekend spent indoors.   I just realized that it is almost two weeks […]

Opel on ice. The beginning.

  This was taken before we began fishing and before my stomach broke down. Yesterday was a really wonderful day but I hope that spring will get here soon.

I’ve lost that photo feeling.

  We took a short trip today with our good friend, Joakim, my wife and I. The goal was to get some good shots of a lake nearby. I’m not happy with the result so I’ll just let my wife illustrate how I feel.


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