Just a quick post. Got some more photos of these cookies but I’ll post them later. Trying to go to bed early tonight, I’m a bit tired, probably to much fresh air. All right, so you know what to do – visit here again like tomorrow for more photos…See you then I hope!

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Zucchini on a plate.

  Yesterday’s lunch. Zucchini cakes with carrots tossed in butter and bacon on the side. This tastes really good, trust me. Do try these at home, swedish (just translate) can be found here.   My back is starting to feel much better, compared to what it felt like a week ago this is like heaven. […]

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Make your own pasta.

  It’s not that hard to make your own pasta. At least not for me who is just standing by with my camera. My problems with the back (the lumbago-shit) gets better each day at least, hopefully I’ll be able to shoot more and give you longer posts soon. But for now, this will have […]

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Honey & marshmallow ice cream!

  I have just had a small spoon of this so far, going all in tonight I think. Sweet honey and marshmallow ice cream. Recipe at as always.

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From the grill.

After changing tyres on the car (in the mud that is the driveway I might add), last day to switch to summer tyres here in Sweden, we took a little trip to visit a wedding fair. Didn’t use the camera much but it was nice to meet one of Helenas blogging friends at least! Since […]

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Panpizza de lux.

  I bet you are quite impressed and think, did he do that all on his own? Yeeeeeea…NO. I’m married to a masterchef. Panpizza de lux, home made. I you haven’t tried it yet, please do. Damn, this was good. I think you can find the recipe here as always.

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Cookies and milk.

  Since my wife mostly shoots food I sometimes give it a go as well, not nearly as good as she does it but the goal is to learn. These cookies were really good, you’ll find the recipe here!   I have no plans for the day, hopefully I’ll come up with some photo ideas. […]

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