Horses in the sunset.

  What a lovely evening it was. Sun was slowly setting and the horses were out on the farm next to us. Just had to visit with the camera. Gällstad is a very nice place to live.   [swedish] Vilken underbar kväll det var. Solen sänkte sig sakta och hästarna var ute och hade det […]

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Spring has not come very far here in Gällstad. Some early flowers has started to blossom and you can see some trees are turning slowly green. But with a couple of sunny and warm days I bet everything will come to life. This is probably the best time of the year.  

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Random shot.

  Photo taken outside Torpa Stenhus, Sweden, last weekend before visiting a wedding fair.

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By the lake.

Winter is near and nature is not looking it’s best, still a nice time of the year some days but I really miss the summer (even if the last one was more like a hot winter if you know what I mean).  

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Sunday again.

It’s been a while since the last blog post. I’ll have to step up a bit, sorry. Haven’t had a lot of time to shoot, a new roof and other stuff around the house has been the priority over the last week or so. It will get better I hope, I really want to use […]

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Flower tower.

  If we want to keep this planet alive we all have to contribute. I don’t think the changes has to be that huge, just do what you can to help!   Why can’t we all just get along, humans, animals and plants? Eat less meat, smile and say hello to a stranger, walk instead […]

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Shooting flowers.

  My back is not feeling well today. I’ve had problems with it before so I know what I have to do, rest and strech. While not resting or streching I am able to do photoshop some. Hope you like it!   Also visit my wife´s blog for more photos like this (mostly better). <3

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