We went to Göteborg this weekend. The idea was to walk around lots, perhaps to visit Liseberg (amusement park), but since we both managed to get sore feet we did not walk much at all. We had a great time anyways but I think we’ll have to do this another time, and […]

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After the game.

    All happy faces after a good win by Borås Basket yesterday. Yay!

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Full moon rising.

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A walk on the ice side.

            Just a short walk on the ice with the dogs before the weekend can start for real. It will be a mix of snow and rain here they say so I guess it will be a weekend spent indoors.   I just realized that it is almost two weeks […]

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1st attempt. The bridge.

  I have a picture in my head of what this should look like. This is the first attempt. Less clouds and perhaps a bit warmer outside would be nice when making a second attempt. Shooting in the dark is really fun but also hard and difficult, maybe one day I’ll get all the pieces […]

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Sture. The one and only.

  I had a plan yesterday to take some cool night photos under a clear sky. What happened? Clouds. For the first night in a week. Thanks.

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Star trails.

Last night I thought it would be a good idea to try catching some star trails. Next time I’ll go at it with a different approach, warmer clothes (it was a chilling minus 7 deg C) and shorter exposures to keep the dark things….well…dark. Night photography is not all that easy but a lot o […]

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