ECM 2014.

ecm 2014 – Öland from Helena Ljunggren on Vimeo.

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Due to stormy weathers and a bad cold there are no new photos to share. This old one will have to do. Shot at the bridge to Öland, Sweden. I hope I’ll feel better soon and our roof will still be over our heads tomorrow.

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Johnny Daywalker.

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The lady and the pumpkin.

Stars shine. Pumpkins shine. Nothing shines like you my love.

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The dead priest.

The most scary dead priest we’ve seen alive. The living dead walking around once a year at the ghost house on Öland in Sweden.

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Ghost house.

Feels like I’ve lost readers since I started blogging in swedish. I’ll go back to english. Or at least a mix of the two. This is the roof of the ghost house we visited on Öland yesterday. Creepy. The ghosts were actors but very good ones. Scared the living shit out of some…no names since […]

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