Just a quick post. Got some more photos of these cookies but I’ll post them later. Trying to go to bed early tonight, I’m a bit tired, probably to much fresh air. All right, so you know what to do – visit here again like tomorrow for more photos…See you then I hope!

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Honey & marshmallow ice cream!

  I have just had a small spoon of this so far, going all in tonight I think. Sweet honey and marshmallow ice cream. Recipe at as always.

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Candied popcorn!

  You should really try this, sweet and salty at the same time. Success! Please visit for the recipe.

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A Wife. My wife.

    These photos are not what the plan was, but some of them turned out really nice anyway. We both tend to shoot better ones when no planning was made before taking off the lens cap. Strange but true.   So, what’s up this week? Besides working we’re going to Nässjö tonight hoping Borås […]

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Photoshoot gone bad.

This can and will happen. You have to have some good ol’ fun when shooting!      

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It’s winter outside. Better stay indoors.

Ok. Winter made a comeback, it’s snowing outside. I’ll try to get some photos later for proof.

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Anyone for english?

I’ve been switching back and forth about blogging in swedish or english. I think I have finally made up my mind, as you can see the descision is to blog in english. The main reason for this is that I belive most of my visitors/readers do not understand swedish. It’s really a simple choice then. […]

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