Horses in the sunset.

  What a lovely evening it was. Sun was slowly setting and the horses were out on the farm next to us. Just had to visit with the camera. Gällstad is a very nice place to live.   [swedish] Vilken underbar kväll det var. Solen sänkte sig sakta och hästarna var ute och hade det […]

Zombie crops.


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Cake photography.

After making our own “cutting boards” (mostly to be used when taking photos of the food, not so much for cutting stuff) I had to take some photos to see if it works, I think it does! Please visit for recipes.  

I’m thinking black and white friday?

I think I’m going to have a black and white friday tomorrow. We’ll see if I remember to bring the camera and only shoot monochrome. Sounds like fun right now anyhow.  

Good morning.

Star trails.

Last night I thought it would be a good idea to try catching some star trails. Next time I’ll go at it with a different approach, warmer clothes (it was a chilling minus 7 deg C) and shorter exposures to keep the dark things….well…dark. Night photography is not all that easy but a lot o […]

November moon.

The night was cold and foggy. Nothing but the moonlight to keep us warm, helping us finding the way home.


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