Another rottweiler bites the snow.

Hey, listen up! Beware of this dog if you in fact are the crook called “the snow”. She will bite you.       Since I’m trying to get the black belt in Compact-Camtsu I used my Canon Ixus 310HS to get this shot. Slightly fixed in photoshop, I have to admit that.

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Nothing else to do.

  The snow is finally attacking us from above. And from every other side possible. There is not much to do but to play indoors.

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Flower tower.

  If we want to keep this planet alive we all have to contribute. I don’t think the changes has to be that huge, just do what you can to help!   Why can’t we all just get along, humans, animals and plants? Eat less meat, smile and say hello to a stranger, walk instead […]

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Not made for walking.

  I really don’t know why but it has been a few days since my last post. I could lie and say that I’ve been busy but that’s not why. Tonight is the first night since the last post that I’m even using the computer, strange don’t you think? Oh sure, I use computers all […]

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Behind every flower.

  Since my back is not really improving I have to keep my self busy with something else than just resting.  This is what happens then.   We are expecting yet another storm tonight and I can hear the wind gearing up, I hope we get to keep the house and roof intact as well […]

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Shooting flowers.

  My back is not feeling well today. I’ve had problems with it before so I know what I have to do, rest and strech. While not resting or streching I am able to do photoshop some. Hope you like it!   Also visit my wife´s blog for more photos like this (mostly better). <3

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Sometimes I need more energy when I edit photos. What’s better than a hot cheese sandwich, an iCheese?

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