A Wife. My wife.

    These photos are not what the plan was, but some of them turned out really nice anyway. We both tend to shoot better ones when no planning was made before taking off the lens cap. Strange but true.   So, what’s up this week? Besides working we’re going to Nässjö tonight hoping Borås […]

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Photoshoot gone bad.

This can and will happen. You have to have some good ol’ fun when shooting!      

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By the lake.

Winter is near and nature is not looking it’s best, still a nice time of the year some days but I really miss the summer (even if the last one was more like a hot winter if you know what I mean).  

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Two hearts.

      Me and my wife. Double self-portrait shooting.

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Random captures.

              Just some random captures from the past days. I’m now charging the batteries so hopefully there will be more photos during the week. Beware.

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Where is the love? Right here.

Sometimes I get this crazy idea that I should start writing in swedish instead. Or at least sometimes. What I’m trying to say is that you should not be surprised if you try to read something here and it makes no sense, it’s just swedish. Not worries. Makes no sense to me either. We can […]

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Slippery when cat.

This is what happens when the cat does not want to strike any more poses for the camera.

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