Horses in the sunset.

  What a lovely evening it was. Sun was slowly setting and the horses were out on the farm next to us. Just had to visit with the camera. Gällstad is a very nice place to live.   [swedish] Vilken underbar kväll det var. Solen sänkte sig sakta och hästarna var ute och hade det […]

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What happened here?

Was looking through some old dvd’s with some really old photos and found this. Just had to share it here.  

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You know what time it is.

  Yupp. It’s time for a cup of coffee. It’s needed when I try to figure out how to book more weddings for this summer. Do you know anyone who are getting married but still is looking for a photographer? Please point them in my direction. Thank you. :)   [swedish] En kopp kaffe behövs […]

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By the lake.

Winter is near and nature is not looking it’s best, still a nice time of the year some days but I really miss the summer (even if the last one was more like a hot winter if you know what I mean).  

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We <3 summer.

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      My ride. The Aprilia Atlantic. Sweet.

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More from the archives.


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