Catman returns.

  Fooling around, killing time before tonights basketball game in Borås. I hope Borås Basket can defeat Eco Örebro and advance to 17-0 for the season. Amazing, no losses yet. The current record (in modern time) is 18 wins in a row, held by Södertälje Kings. Would be really fun to beat that, the irony […]

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From all of me to all of you.

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Is it friday yet?

  What do you mean it’s not friday yet?  

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And then some.

  Just two days after the storm called “Sven” we got more snow. Thanks. Thank you. Have I told you that I don’t like snow and winter very much? Worst part is, this is just the beginning. Four more months of this crap before spring. Alright, enough crying about that. Not much I can do […]

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Kompakt kvällspromenad.

  Kvällspromenad på hösten. Fint med alla färgskiftningar i naturen. Tog med den lilla kompaktkameran, visserligen borde jag tänkt på att man måste stå helt stilla och hålla kameran mer still än helt stilla. Nåväl, det kan inte bli rätt jämt men en fördel med den lilla kameran är ju att den är lätt att […]

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  Just a quick post. Got some more photos of these cookies but I’ll post them later. Trying to go to bed early tonight, I’m a bit tired, probably to much fresh air. All right, so you know what to do – visit here again like tomorrow for more photos…See you then I hope!

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Horses in the sunset.

  What a lovely evening it was. Sun was slowly setting and the horses were out on the farm next to us. Just had to visit with the camera. Gällstad is a very nice place to live.   [swedish] Vilken underbar kväll det var. Solen sänkte sig sakta och hästarna var ute och hade det […]

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