Horses in the sunset.

  What a lovely evening it was. Sun was slowly setting and the horses were out on the farm next to us. Just had to visit with the camera. Gällstad is a very nice place to live.   [swedish] Vilken underbar kväll det var. Solen sänkte sig sakta och hästarna var ute och hade det […]

Foggy monday.

Yesterday morning, just before it begun to snow. Just a bit foggy.

Walking on a snowy road.

Took the dogs for a long walk this afternoon while it was snowing. Feels good when you’re home again.  

By the lake.

Winter is near and nature is not looking it’s best, still a nice time of the year some days but I really miss the summer (even if the last one was more like a hot winter if you know what I mean).  

Cold morning.

Sunday again.

It’s been a while since the last blog post. I’ll have to step up a bit, sorry. Haven’t had a lot of time to shoot, a new roof and other stuff around the house has been the priority over the last week or so. It will get better I hope, I really want to use […]

Sunday 19th.

      We were out with the dogs and this place looked so nice that we decided to go back with only our cameras. Unfortunately it wasn’t snowing as much as before but we got a few shots anyway. Maybe you will be able to see more at my wife’s blog, don’t know if […]

Road of winter.

Winter is finally here for real. First snow of the season. It turns the dull and boring landscape into a magic place in an instant. I only had my iPhone with me going to work this morning to this will have to do. It looked really nice and I hope this shows at least some […]


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