Is it friday yet?

  What do you mean it’s not friday yet?  

For the wall

  We needed something new to hang on a wall. It won’t be these two but since I liked them I wanted to share some of todays project.

Bedroom makeover.

      New wallpaper and a new wall with a closet behind. Some paint. Now we like it. I’m sorry to admit that I was the one who made the bed. Oh well.   We haven’t got the new lights yet so there is still some minor work to be done.

By the lake.


Yes. It’s a cat.

  All the white and wonderful snow has now melted away, just in time for christmas. What will santa do about this? Huh. No snow also means total blackout if you live where I live. Oh sure, some light will be available a few hours of the day but then you have to work and […]

Orange. Bloody Orange.


Forest 22.

What do you do when it is to cold in the water? You dive right in anyway. Anything for the art.


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