Garden work by my wife.

  Due to the problems with my back that I mentioned in a previous post I have not been able to do much else than talking short and slow walks around the house, today I decided to let the camera join me while my wife was fixing the garden. Tomorrow I’ll make an appointment with […]

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A Wife. My wife.

    These photos are not what the plan was, but some of them turned out really nice anyway. We both tend to shoot better ones when no planning was made before taking off the lens cap. Strange but true.   So, what’s up this week? Besides working we’re going to Nässjö tonight hoping Borås […]

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Trying to get well.

I’ve been having a cold for a few days I my wife tried to help me get well by serving me some lunch outside, the forrest is right outside our house. I’m not sure it helped much but at least it gave me some fresh air and some food in her company – always nice! […]

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This and that.

  I’m a bit worried about getting sick, my wife is already having a cold so I guess it’s my turn soon. I’ll have to stop it by eating garlic and drink a few shots of rum. Might help. Might make it worse. Do you have any other ideas on how to escape the cold?

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Wife and the snow.

  I had planned to shoot some cool running water surrounded by ice and snow. Not for a second did I stop to think that it might just be frozen. A week with temperatures around minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus 24 at the most) will make ice of basically any small waterfall around here.   […]

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Some kind of fruit.

  I don’t remember the name of this fruit but perhaps my wife can help us out? You all have a really nice weekend!

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I’ve lost that photo feeling.

  We took a short trip today with our good friend, Joakim, my wife and I. The goal was to get some good shots of a lake nearby. I’m not happy with the result so I’ll just let my wife illustrate how I feel.

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