Har mest håll mig inomhus idag. Svinkall vind utanför huset gör att jag helst håller mig nära kaminen. Ångrar att jag inte köpt termobrallor och ett par moonboots med batteridriven värme.   Nu väntar middag och sedan ska Sverige starta EM-turneringen i handboll, det blir väl vinst tänker jag? Imorgon räknar jag kallt med […]

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Sooooon. Hang in there.

  We’re halfway though. About three months left until spring comes knocking on the door. Feels like forever when stuff like this is found in the mail box.   I want to ride my bike again. Like, right now.    

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And then there was rain.

  I actually thought we would have a white christmas. Oh man was I wrong. This photo was taken like a week ago and now there’s no snow left at all. It just keeps raining and raining. They say it will be like seven degrees warm on christmas eve when it should be cold and […]

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And then some.

  Just two days after the storm called “Sven” we got more snow. Thanks. Thank you. Have I told you that I don’t like snow and winter very much? Worst part is, this is just the beginning. Four more months of this crap before spring. Alright, enough crying about that. Not much I can do […]

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I’m thinking black and white friday?

I think I’m going to have a black and white friday tomorrow. We’ll see if I remember to bring the camera and only shoot monochrome. Sounds like fun right now anyhow.  

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Foggy monday.

Yesterday morning, just before it begun to snow. Just a bit foggy.

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Another rottweiler bites the snow.

Hey, listen up! Beware of this dog if you in fact are the crook called “the snow”. She will bite you.       Since I’m trying to get the black belt in Compact-Camtsu I used my Canon Ixus 310HS to get this shot. Slightly fixed in photoshop, I have to admit that.

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